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About Yoga Ananda

My Mission

Yoga Ananda’s mission is to inspire a community of students to find their bliss. Our mat not only becomes the place for moving breath and body together, but a sanctuary to take a break from our daily lives. By helping to clear our minds, we can listen to what the universe has to offer and find a path to our Ananda (bliss in sanskrit – an ancient language from India).


Michelle Darsow

Yoga Ananda

“Find your Bliss!”


Michelle Darsow

Yoga Instructor

Hi, my name is Michelle Darsow. I created Yoga Ananda to share my love of yoga, mentally and physically, with the southwest communities. I have been practicing yoga for 14 years, and teaching for 12. I started taking yoga classes for the fit part of it. As my journey continued, I realized how much it helps your mind and spirit. I credit yoga for helping me recover from breast cancer in 2015. My training was completed through YogaFit and I am currently deepening my yoga backround by taking classes through the National Exercise Trainers Association or NETA. Most classes are a mix between Hatha (holding poses) and Vinyasa (flowing breath and body together). Any level is welcome in class. Modifications will always be offered for beginners while also continuing to challenge more experienced yogis. Please come on a journey to Find your Bliss with Yoga Ananda.

The best benefit of yoga is to find our path in life where we are truly ourselves, at home, at work, in spirit…in our Ananda (bliss).

Find bliss your way

Most yoga classes are scheduled weekly and run 4 to 8 weeks. Unless specified, all levels are welcome.

Workshops are single day sessions that last more than an hour and have a special theme.

Retreats are single events that last more than one day. Usually, requiring an over-night stay. Getting a little deeper into the why of yoga.