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Today while getting ready to work at Carver Park, I was called over by my husband to watch a group, or actually it’s called a scurry, of about 10-15 squirrels playing? fighting? on a dead standing tree on our property. We couldn’t figure out what they were doing. But watching the acrobatics going on was amazing. Running up and down the tree (they can run up to 18mph!) then stopping and being perfectly still. Leaping from branch to branch, they can jump about 9ft.

Our first life tip we can learn from them is to get outside, enjoy nature,and take a few deep breaths.

We did see one fall from the tree and land with a thump, only to see it get up and run off. Apparently this doesn’t happen offten, but they can fall 30ft. without being hurt.

Second life tip: keep going even if it is going wrong. Squirrels are also known for trying over and over again to get at the birdfeeder, even when you have put up 8 different obstacles to keep them away! Don’t give up!

All while this was going on a hawk came to keep an eye on them. The hawk never did try to grab one, much to my surprise because the squirrels were oblivious to the hawks presence.

And the third tip: that everything is connected. The circle of life, everything depends on something else to live and if one of those pieces is missing, the circle collapses.  

Hope this brought a bit of bliss to your day – thanks for reading!